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Bengali at Heritage

Our Bengali course was designed specifically with foreigners in mind. Even students with little or no Bengali language training will quickly build a foundation in the language and gain confidence in their ability to communicate with native speakers.

Our Bengali teachers bring language immersion into the classroom by teaching in your target language beginning day one helping you not only to make new linguistic connections, but also to pick up on common expressions and idioms that you will encounter when speaking with Bengali speakers across India. Whatever your language level, we’ll start where you are and help you move toward your goals.

We offer Bengali classes from Beginner to Advanced covering everything from pronunciation and basic conversations to advanced courses focused on Bengali media, professional communication, and academic studies.

At Heritage we’ve earned a reputation for successfully teaching students who had been unable to learn at any other school. If you’ve tried and failed or never had the courage to try to learn Bengali, you’ve come to the right place!

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Note: This course offered only at Heritage Institute of Languages in Lucknow

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