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Our Method

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Our Method

At Heritage we believe we are in the business of teaching students, not just languages. That means that whether you are looking for an introduction to Hindi, intermediate Spanish, or advanced English, we’ll start wherever your language skills are and get to work moving you along the fluency continuum.

We also believe in teaching the language, not about the language. Our teachers teach in your target language starting day one, giving you an immersive learning experience instead of the theoretical lectures favored by many institutions. Our priority is for you to feel comfortable interacting in your new language, not just pass tests.

Classes can be tailored to students’ needs and interests. We’ve customized classes to focus on conversation, culture and even job interviews. We can also customize classes for those with different learning styles, and have earned a reputation for successfully teaching students who had been unable to learn at any other school.

Find out what a student-centered learning experience can do for your language skills. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Hugo Cesar Alves
Founder & Director Emeritus
Heritage Institute of Languages